3.68 lakh treated under Sadhbhavana: Army


3.68 lakh treated under Sadhbhavana: Army
KG News Desk
Srinagar, June 16: Indian Army launched Sadhbhavana in early 90s with an aim to reach out to the population of Jammu and Kashmir, a senior defense official dealing with the Sadhbhavana said. The benefits accrued from Sadhbhavana in improving the social indices, infrastructure and consolidating the peace dividends in the States are far in excess of what was perceived during its conceptualisation, the official said.
“With over one lakh children having attained middle/high school level education, above 14000 students undergoing schooling in various Army Goodwill School and over 1000 children from the State studying through scholarship program, the popularity of the initiative can hardly be doubted. In the last three years only, Army has provided medical aid to approximately 3.68 lakh people, treated over 4.57 lakh animals and conducted over 200 National Integration Tours wherein in excess of 5000 beneficiaries visited other States of the country”, he said.
Army is also actively involved in skilling the youth of the State to further facilitate their employment. Sourced through Army’s own budget, people friendly projects are being executed year after year to ameliorate the conditions of people living in far flung regions of the State, he said.
Goodwill, the underlying theme of Sadhbhavana can never be earned if the efforts are laced with motive or hidden agenda. The success of any goodwill initiative can be measured by its popularity, active participation and number of beneficiaries, which, in case of Sadhbhavana run into millions, he said.
As an instrument of State it remains the endeavour of Army to contribute in the well being of citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and Sahbhavana is specifically designed for it. Indian Army remains committed to continue with its efforts to meets aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir through this unique program, he said.