41 army men died in snow avalanches at Siachen Glacier since 2013


Jammu, April 29: As many as 41 soldiers have died from 2013 till March 31, 2016, at the Siachen Glacier in Jammu and Kashmir, a senior army official said on Friday.
“Ten soldiers died in 2013, eight in 2014 and nine in 2015 at the Siachen Glacier. Another 14 soldiers have died till March 31 this year at the world’s highest battlefield,” said Col. S.D. Goswami, spokesman of the army’s Udhampur-headquartered Northern Command.
“Troops posted in high-altitude areas are trained in basic and advanced skills in mountainous and snow-bound areas. Troops posted in avalanche-prone areas are subjected to series of training in the field formation area,” he said.
“Weather conditions prevailing in the sector are closely monitored by the Snow and Avalanche Study Establishment stations at Sasoma and Srinagar. Weather warnings are religiously followed in terms of restrictions on operation/administration related movement.”
He said that adequate compensation was provided to defence personnel deployed in difficult terrains in border areas in form of salaries and compensatory allowances.
These allowance are in addition to the Military Services Pay paid to defence services personnel.