60-71 pc Indians support PM’s handling of Kashmir, terrorism


JAMMU, About 71 per cent people in India have endorsed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s handling of terrorism in the country while 60 per cent people approved the way he was tackling situation in Kashmir. Significantly, 51 per cent Congress supporters were also satisfied with the handling of terrorism and 40 per cent of the Kashmir situation by the Prime Minister.
These are some of the main findings of Washington-based American think tank—Pew Research Centre Survey conducted among 2464 respondents in India from February 21 to March 10, 2017.
The Survey, whose copy is in possession of the Excelsior, showed that the Prime Minister’s popularity is very high and people are happy with the State of economy among other things. Nearly 88 per cent people have favourable view of Modi in 2017 as against 78 per cent in 2013 when he was Gujarat Chief Minister and 87 per cent in 2014 when he became the Prime Minister.
“Nearly 83 per cent people in the country felt that current State of economy is good as against 57 per cent in 2013, 64 per cent in 2014, 74 per cent in 2015 and 80 per cent in 2016. Seventy per cent people said they were satisfied with direction to country while the number was just 29 per cent in 2013, 36 per cent in 2014, 56 per cent in 2015 and 65 per cent in 2016,’’ the Pew Survey revealed.
On handling of situation in Kashmir, 60 per cent people approve the way Narendra Modi was tackling it. Even 40 per cent Congress supporters have also approved handling of Kashmir situation by Modi.
Among men and women surveyed by the Pew, 64 per cent male and 55 per cent female approved the way Modi was tackling Kashmir. Sixty four per cent people in the age group of 18-29, 61 in the age group of 30-49 and 51 per cent about 50 years old have endorsed the Prime Minister’s handling of Kashmir.
The Prime Minister’s strategy on Kashmir was more favourable in urban areas than rural, as per the Pew survey. It showed that 64 per cent urban people were happy with Modi’s Kashmir tackling while the number in rural areas was 57 per cent.
As against 65 per cent BJP supporters endorsing handling of Kashmir, the number was no less even among the Congress supporters, which clearly showed that even a number of Congress leaders and workers have been supporting the way Modi has tackled Kashmir situation. The Survey showed 40 per cent Congress men approving Modi’s Kashmir approach.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s approach of tackling terrorism has also found support of as many as 71 per cent Indians. Seventy six per cent men and 65 per cent women have supported Modi’s anti-terrorism policy, the Pew Survey revealed The number of Modi’s supporters on anti-terror approach was 71 per cent in the age group of 18-29, 73 per cent in 30-49 and 65 per cent above 50.
Again, urban people were more supportive of Modi’s policy in tackling terrorism. As against 79 per cent Urban people, 66 per cent in rural areas have endorsed Modi’s handling of terrorism. While 78 per cent BJP supporters endorsed Modi’s approach against terrorism, significantly, 51 per cent Congress sympathizers also shared similar views.
Seventy two per cent people in the country have endorsed the way Prime Minister was handling unemployment while 70 per cent endorsed his tackling of corruption. Similarly, 72 per cent people felt that he was helping the poor.
“Even Congress supporters are happy with the direction of the country and Modi’s handling of major issues,’’ the Survey revealed.
Forty-six per cent Congress workers have endorsed the Prime Minister’s approach in tackling unemployment, 45 per cent in overcoming corruption and 48 per cent in helping the poor.
“Indians are upbeat about both current economic conditions and future of their economy. Eighty-three per cent people said the nation’s economy is good while 30 per cent say it is very good. Indians are also optimistic about their future economic situation with 76 per cent people believing that their children will be better off financially than their parents,’’ the Survey revealed.
It said: “pessimism is going down and optimism is rising’’.
The Pew Survey said: “the Indian public, happy with its Prime Minister, believed that the national Government is doing the right thing for the country’’.
“Eighty five per cent Indians displayed trust in the national Government to do what is right for India. Interestingly, even here, BJP supporters (90 per cent) more trusted the Government than Congress backers (76 per cent). Essentially, 76 per cent, a majority of Congress supporters, too trust the Modi Government is doing what is right for India. Seventy-nine per cent of the people are happy with the way Indian democracy is currently working, the Survey revealed.EXCELSIOR