Afghan and U.S. forces kill, wound 33 Taliban militants in Ghazni province


By Khaama Press
The Afghan and U.S. forces conducted separate operations in Ghazni province killing or wounding at least 33 Taliban militants.
The 203rd Thunder Corps said in a statement that the Afghan Air Force conducted an
airstrike in Asfandi area of Ghazni city which killed 4 Taliban militants and destroyed an
82mm rocket launcher, a PKM machine gun and two motorcycles.
The statement further added that the security forces conducted separate operations in
Khwaja Omari district and killed 6 Taliban militants.Furthermore, the 203rd Thunder Corps said the security forces also wounded 10 Taliban militants during the same operations.
Meanwhile, the 203rd Thunder Corps said the U.S. forces also conducted an airstrike in Deh
Yak district which killed 7 Taliban militants, wounded 6 others and destroyed 2 motorcycles.
The Afghan forces also defused an improvised explosive device in Syed Karam district of
Paktiya province.