After Aanchar Incident, Protests Erupt At 90ft Soura


SRINAGAR, Intense protests erupted on 90 feet Soura in summer capital following raid in nearby Aanchar locality on Wednesday.

Reports said that scores of youth came out on roads and resorted to stone pelting.

“Some private vehicles were damaged during the stone pelting incident,” reports said.

They added that announcements were made on Masjid loud speakers asking people to come out on roads against the atrocities inflicted on people of Aanchar in Soura area.

“Soon, forces cordoned the whole area and they started firing tear gas shells,” reports informed.

They added, “one elderly man was hit by a tear gas shell.” “He was hit by shell near Ellahibagh crossing.”

However, it was not immediately known where was he shifted for treatment.

Meanwhile, SKIMS Soura received three injured persons from Aanchar locality.

“Three injure civilians were brought to the hospital from Aanchar,” sources in the tertiary hospital said. “Two have received minor injuries while one is critically injured. He has injury in his head.”