After footballer Majid, another militant returns home Let local militants return, won’t even ask them for weapon IGP


Srinagar, After Majid Khan, a footballer from Anantnag, another boy who had joined militancy returned home after his parents made a passionate appeal to him.

According to reports received by KNS, a 16-year-old boy Chimmer village of Damhal-Hanjipora in Kulgam district who had joined militancy returned home, police said today.
He had left his home on September 27 this year.
Talking to KNS, IGP Kashmir Muneer Khan said the boy has came back home. “He has neither surrendered not was apprehended. He has just returned to his family,” Khan said.
He said they wish all the local militants return home and live a life with dignity and prosperity. “Let all the local militants come. We welcome them. Let them come. They can come to me, at any other place, police station, army camp…wherever they want. Even they can come to their home. I won’t tell them where the weapon is or what did they do,” Khan said, adding those involved in heinous crimes like killings will face the law.
“I hope all of them come back,” he said.
The IGP added the foreign militants won’t be spared, but as long as the local militants are concerned, they will give them every chance to return. (KNS