After massive outrage, actor Deep Sidhu accepts hoisting ‘Nishan Sahib’ flag at Red Fort


Amid a massive outrage over protesters swarming the Red Fort and hoisting a religious flag during the farmers’ tractor rally on Republic Day, Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu has reportedly admitted that he was present during the incident.
Reacting to allegations that he instigated the farmers to march towards the Red Fort, the actor sought to defend his action, saying he and his supports did not remove the national flag. Sidhu said that he had put up the ‘Nishan Sahib’ as a symbolic protest at the Red Fort. The ‘Nishan Sahib’ flag, a symbol of Sikh religion, is seen at all Gurdwara complexes.
In a video posted on Facebook on Tuesday evening, Sidhu claimed it was not a planned move and that they should not be given any communal colour or dubbed as fundamentalists or hardliners. “To symbolically register our protest against the new farm legislation, we put up ‘Nishan Sahib’ and a farmer flag and also raised the slogan of Kisan Mazdoor Ekta,” said Sidhu.
The flag represents the country’s ‘unity in diversity’, he said while pointing towards ‘Nishan Sahib’, the triangular saffron flag with the emblem of ‘Khanda’, a two-edged sword, Chakra, a disc, and two Kirpans that cross each other at the handles.
He stated that the national flag was not removed from the flagpole at the Red Fort and that nobody raised a question over the country’s unity and integrity. Chief of the Haryana unit of the Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU), Gurnam Singh Chaduni has accused the Punjabi singer and actor of inciting and misguiding protesters. “He (Deep Sidhu) led them to the Red Fort. Farmers never wanted to go to Red Fort,” BKU leader Gurnam Singh Chaduni said.
Leaders across the political spectrum also condemned the violence and the Red Fort incident, with the Congress’ Shashi Tharoor saying he supported the farmers’ protests from the start but cannot condone “lawlessness”.