Er Rasheed demands blanket ban on Khyber products


Says Khyber Agro Farms Ltd was ‘poisoning’ Kashmir with its adulterated milk

KG News Desk
Srinagar, April 8: Engineer Rasheed led Awami Itihaad Party Friday demanded blanket ban on Khyber Dairy products. The party workers who staged a protest here in Press Enclave Srinagar alleged that Khyber Company that has been convicted by the court for mixing detergent powder to the milk is the source of cancer disease in the Kashmir.
The protesters carrying placards and banners seeking life time ban on Khyber Dairy products said that it is not the first time when the samples of the Dairy products of the Khyber Company were put in question but earlier as well these products had been declared unsafe for the consumption.
“We demand stern action against those officials who used to clear these products. The government wants to save those ‘corrupt’ officials and mere attaching them will not do the job. Even Court has declared a Food Safety official corrupt and incapable,” they said. “Khyber Agro Farms Ltd– found of “poisoning” Kashmir with its adulterated milk”.
The protesters also denounced the action of outside state students at NIT Srinagar and demanded strict action against them. They denounced the harassment of Kashmir students should be stopped studying in outside states.“Everybody is equal before the law. The hooligans who vandalized property and even assaulted police officers are still roaming freely and no action till date has been initiated against them, that speaks volumes,” AIP spokesperson Abid Hussain told reporters. He said it is unfortunate that the Chief Minister of the State has been acting on the instructions from New Delhi.

Meanwhile, the netizens, lashed out at the local media for the compete blackout of the public importance news stories. “Detergents are added to milk to increase the shelf life and it is a common practice with all milk plants. So why to single out Khyber? Spurious drugs, substandard food items, etc. manufactured/imported to kill people slowly and silently particularly in Kashmir is the outcome of materialistic race devoid of human values,” a netizen said.
“No difference between Sadam Hussain and Khyber Tramboos. The former killed Kurds by poisoning them with harmful gases, and the latter are doing same with Kashmir people,” Javaid Trali, who works in ruling People Democratic Party’s media cell, said.
“With due respect, most of the newspaper owners and editors, in Kashmir, are businessmen. No matter, we have extremely brilliant and honest reporters here. But, they are helpless. They can’t help. Businessmen have their own interests to settle. Let Kashmiris die,” he said. He also took on Facebook, to express his anger,‪ #‎KhyberWarOnKashmiris.