Army Chief and Police Chief has finally realized that killing can’t break the resolve of Kashmiri people: Syed Ali Shah Geelani


Srinagar,  Syed Ali Geelani on Monday while commenting over the statements of Gen Bipin Rawat and state police chief Dr S P Vaid, said that virtually they have admitted that through arbitrary measures and unabated killings India couldn’t break the resolve of Kashmiri people.

Geelani while referring to statement of Bipin Rawat, wherein he has said that’’ neither forces nor militants will achieve their goal’’, added that his assertions are ambiguous and portray only distorted form of events.

Hailing sacrifices rendered by nation, Geelani said that their statements, confirm our moral victory and illustrates that nation has upper hand, saying it is a victory mark for my suppressed and oppressed people.

Gen Rawat need to visit annals of Kashmir history, Geelani suggested, saying that it is absurd to say that people of Kashmir favor India, instead the Indian military is engaged in a war against innocent civilians in every nook and corner of the state. It testifies our claim that Indian authorities are living in an illusion and believe in military might, Geelani said.

Don’t tinker or misquote history, Geelani insisted, saying that distortion of events and facts, can never change narrative, saying misinterpretation of facts can never suppress or subdue aspirations and ambitions of people.

Army chief should convey New Delhi that people in Kashmir are firm and determined to follow their sacred freedom struggle, despite all odds and won’t succumb to state sponsored pressure, nor they will leave their goal midway or unaccomplished.

It is their power of arrogance, said Geelani, saying India with its all military might is occupying the state.

Rejecting the Statement of Army chief, Syed Ali Geelani said that it is a brazen lie, saying that referendum is the only yardstick that can validate and confirm people’s aspiration about their political destiny and it will clear which way the wind blows, Geelani added.