Article 370 had become a tool to spread terrorism, separatism in Kashmir


by Farooq Ganderbali
Article 370, which was revoked by the Center last month, had become a tool in the hands of few families to spread terrorism and separatism in Jammu and Kashmir over the decades. It had become a veto power in the hands of separatists over other ethnic and religious groups. Article 370 worked in Pakistan’s favour to become a tool to enhance terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir. A few people, who were benefitting from it, became allies of the Pakistani military and were promoting Pakistan’s strategic interests in J&K.
Nobody can understand value of Article 370 abrogation better than people living in J&K who were subjected to discrimination and injustice over seven decades by the ruling class for their vested and narrow political interests. There is no resentment anywhere against the Modi Government’s decision and people in J&K especially the common Kashmiri is happy over it. Only those are in problem who were taking the advantage of mayhem and disturbing situation over the years.
Pakistan which is making a hue and cry over India’s decision to repeal Article 370 in reality has no locus standi in the matter. Pakistan is pretending to be the well-wisher of people of Kashmir but now the international community and the permanent five members of the United Nations Security Council have come to know how Islamabad has been using and abusing the people of Jammu and Kashmir for its own benefit.
Pakistan has failed in propagating its message in the international community and is now trying to play the jihadi card in Kashmir. Islamabad’s policy of promote terrorism in Kashmir is a no secret. Security agencies in Kashmir have received inputs about the presence of newly recruited terrorists, who had been receiving arms training in Pakistan in the past. Terror groups like Lashkar-e-Toiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad, are once again planning to spread terror in the hearts of common people in Kashmir.
To begin with the terror groups have been putting up posters in various areas of Kashmir, warning people to observe shutdown, calling for a social boycott of the families of police officers, sarpanches and panchs even warning those who continue to maintain contact with them. Pakistan sponsored terrorist organisations have been forcing the residents to not follow their daily chores. Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammed and Hizbul Mujahideen have been coercing the people by forcing them to shut down shops and petrol pumps.
Subsequently these terror groups plan to use fidayeen attacks against security forces and civilians to spread terror. However, Indian army and security forces are determined to foil the nefarious designs of Pakistan and its terror groups once again. People of Kashmir like the past have been cooperating fully with the security agencies due to which they have failed in their mission to create mayhem in the Valley. People of the Valley know the benefits of peace and consequences of terrorism.
Since last one month terrorists killed five innocent civilians to instill fear among people. Even a 30-month-old baby in Sopore was targeted by the terrorists to create an atmosphere of fear in the valley. But common Kashmiri has once for all decided that he will side with peace and give a befitting reply to the terrorists and Pakistan.
The cooperation extended by people of Kashmir in maintaining law and order has worth praise post August 5. There was hardly any serious law and order engagement despite provocations by Pakistan and its proxies in Kashmir. The Valley is close to restoring complete normalcy as people of Kashmir want to reap the benefits of generous economic packages of government of India.