Atmosphere of suspicion created in Kashmir through unfounded, presumptive provocative statements


by Farooq Ganderbali
As a plea regarding Article 35-A of the Constitution is being heard in the Supreme Court, so much hullabaloo has been created in Kashmir by separatists, soft-separatists and other vested interests to create an atmosphere of suspicion through unfounded, presumptive provocative statements.
Instead of educating common people about the factual position vis-à-vis Article 35A, these so-called leader for petty political gains are trying to create a scare among the masses by falsifying the facts and through misrepresentation of the effect of Article 35A.
A myth is being spread that abrogation of Article 370 will open flood gate of people from other parts of India and deny the jobs and other facilities to the locals is a big fallacy. In fact the reverse is true. The abolition of the act will enable not only largescale investment generating much needed employment in tourism and other industry but will also enable the state to provide better services with super specialist doctors, eminent professors, luminaries in specialist field swilling to work in the state.
Doors will be opened for revenue generating and pollution free industries like BPOs, IT and machine tools. Our universities can open new and modern departments. Improved healthcare facilities will be available to the citizens. The ridiculous statements like our police will be flooded with Punjabis and Haryanavis are only meant to create panic among the youth and is far from the truth. How many of our youth have got enrolled in the police of other states. Every state ensures and safe guards the interests of its youth. The rights of the citizens of the state will still continue to be protected as is done in case of 11 other states.
The Article 35A also smacks of gender inequality since it violates the right of women to ‘marry a man of their choice’ by not giving the heirs any right to property, if the woman marries a non- state subject. Imagine a male marrying even a Pakistani girl does not lose his citizenship, but his Pakistani wife becomes state subject as well and their children enjoy all rights of inheritance but the same is not true for our daughters and sisters marrying even in other parts of India leave alone a foreign country.
Incidentally, the two main separatist leaders namely Yasin Malik, Mirwaiz Farooq are married to a Pakistani and American, Dr Farooq Abdullah is married to a British. Since, the very validity of the Article has been challenged in the Supreme Court, it is advisable to let the law take its own course and have faith in the nation’s judicial system.