Baloch Fighters Atta’ck The Pakistani Army,Kille’d 15, Raises Slogans For ‘Azad Balochistan’


Islamabad, A Pakistani army convoy was targeted by Balochistan Army forces in Chatter area near Naseerabad, it has been told that more than 15 Pakistani Army personnel have been kill’ed and more than 9 personnel are seriously injured.The spokesperson of Baloch Army, Miraan Baloch announced from an unidentified location that his (Baloch ) Army attack’ed a Convoy of Pakistani Army using Rockets and other heavy weapons this was such a massive atta’ck on Pakistani Army.

The atrocities of Islamabad( Pakistani Government) on Balochistan is widely known, as the Balochistan has been demanding its autonomy, political rights and control over their own resources since last 70 Years.One of the Bloch said that this is the right time when terrorists have to pay a heavy price for Pakistan’s crime of kill’ing humanity and the innocent people. In addition to this, the Baloch Asked help from Indian Government, They are constantly asking Indian help against Pakistani atrocity.