Balochistan: Relatives of enforced-disappeared Baloch protest on Eid Day


QUETTA: On the auspicious occasion of Eid, relatives of enforced-disappeared persons from Balochistan held two separate protests in Quetta city demanding the return of their beloved, who have been abducted by Pakistan army and intelligence agencies.

The families, friends and relatives of abducted persons in Balochistan have gathered in front of Quetta Press Club to protest against worsening human rights situation in Balochistan and demanded the immediate release of their loved ones abducted by Pakistan army and other security agencies.

Participants of the protest said Muslim community around the world was celebrating Eid but the relatives of abducted Baloch in Balochistan are forces to come out in streets to plea for justice and freedom for their in-custody relatives.

‘This is a day when everyone will go to their families and friends to celebrate the end of the Ramadhan – after a month of fasting – but we [relatives of enforced-disappeared] Baloch are concerned the well-being and safety of our loved one in custody of Pakistani security forces.’

The participant of the demonstration said that the issue of enforced-disappearance has become an urgent phenomenon which needs immediate attention and addressing because forces that are meant to protect the lives of people are involved in violating the constitution and basic rights of the citizens.

The protesters demanded that it was the responsibility of the educated lot of the society to understand the agony of the relatives of enforced-disappeared persons and raise voice for the release of abducted persons.

The Voice for Baloch Missing Persons and Baloch Human Rights Organisation has given the call for this [first] protest.

Meanwhile, the family of missing abducted Mehr Gul Marri, Deputy Director of Agriculture, had organised a separate rally, from Magsi house to Quetta Press Club, to protest against the long disappearance of Mr Marri who was abducted by Pakistani security agencies on 15 September 2015 from Saryab Road Quetta, Balochistan.

A niece of Mehr Gul Marri said, ‘We have been demanding for his release since his abduction by security forces. Initially, we were told that he’s a government official so he’ll be released after asking him some questions. Those were just false promises because my uncle is still missing.’

She said the family has knocked all the doors and went to every institution to ascertain the whereabouts of Mr Marri but their entire struggle so far went in vain.

The family members of Mehr Gul Marri have urged the Chief Justice of Pakistan and other responsible high officials to play their role for his immediate and safe release.

Also, on Eid Day the Baloch Social Media Activists (BSMA) ran an online campaign on Twitter and Facebook using hashtag #EnforcedDisappearances to demand the release of abducted Baloch, Pashtun and Sindhi activists from the custody of Pakistani forces.