Beg hails State Budget Lauds Finance Minister for transparent presentation


Srinagar, June 3:: Senior leader and PDP Chief-spokesperson, Dr. Mehboob Beg has hailed the Budget presented by the State government and termed it as a ‘fresh and path-breaking’ initiative. Dr.Beg said that the people had gotten used to ‘non-technical’ budgets which were presented with the sole motive of ‘playing to the galleries’ and as a result of the same a lot of rot had set-in. “The Finance Minister needs to be lauded for a budget that gets to the root of the issue and looks to set the institutions in order” ‘said Dr.Beg.
“The Budget zeroed-in on the root cause, the dysfunctional and the sick institutions which need to be put in order and accountability needs to be drilled into the system, that is the very basis of a sound economic set-up, we must address the root-cause to be able to built a unshakable and sound economic environment” , said Dr.Beg.
Dr. Beg also appreciated the budgeting increase in the “three pillars” of the economy i.e Agriculture, Horticulture and Irrigation and said that the same would go a long way in putting things on track. The Finance Minister was very clear and transparent on the issue of ‘daily wagers’ as well and he did highlight a serious issue. “We need to be certain about the facts and figures to be able to put forward a comprehensive plan. The exact number of daily wagers and families below poverty line and the amount we need to cater their needs is to be arrived at and there can be no ambiguity about the numbers, the departments need to be clear about it”, said Dr. Beg.