Bigg Boss 10: Are the inmates targeting Yeh Rishta’s Rohan Mehra?


Just like its previous seasons, this time around as well Bigg Boss 10 is full of drama and fights. Rohan Mehra, who entered the house as a celebrity contestant, is already in trouble. Four days into the show and the actor has got into heated arguments and fights with fellow participants. The list includesPriyanka Jagga, Manoj Punjabiand Om Swami.

Priyanka is already creating a lot of noise in the house, and so it came as no surprise when Rohan became a victim of her wrath. It so happened that Rohan spilled water on her, which made Priyanka lose her cool. On asking for an apology, Rohan simply refused. Post the incident, she took him to the washroom and asked him to wash her clothes. She also told him that he thinks too high of himself, though he is a nobody in real life.

Even Manoj Punjabi did not spare Rohan. In the morning, after Bigg Boss gave the celebrities the next riddle to solve and find out a new secret, they were seen looking for opportunities to discuss and solve the riddle. Hence, when Rohan was about to sit next to Karan for having his breakfast, Priyanka stopped him and asked him to move aside and sit next to her.