By using Islam as its ideological basis, terrorists claim to have legitimacy and religious justification


Farooq Ganderbali
Kashmir Valley has for years been plagued by violence by Islamist militants, who often use fidayeen (suicide) terrorists to kill civilians and security forces and preach that their struggle is a holy war to impose Islamic rule. But the reality is that a suicide bomber has no religion, no faith, and no humanity. These soulless bodies, brainwashed by Pakistani notorious spy agency ISI, have wreaked havoc in different parts of the world, including Afghanistan and now Kashmir.
‘Sacrifice’, ‘martyrdom’ and ‘jihad’ have been distorted and exploited by the terror groups to pursue an extreme Pan-Islamic vision. This exploitation of Islam is a recruitment tactic that uses human lives as a weapon for spreading maximum terror and damage. By using Islam as its ideological basis, terrorists claim to have legitimacy and religious justification.
From this false legitimacy, radicalised recruits are motivated to kill and die to support violent goals of terrorists. Recently more than 1,800 Pakistani clerics from different schools of Islamic thought issued a fatwa declaring that suicide bombings are un-Islamic. They declared that suicide bombings are forbidden, or “haram,” under the principles of Islam.
But what stopped so-called separatist leaders in Kashmir from condemning the gruesome Pulwama fidayeen terror attack? The reality is that these so-called savours of Kashmiris are in reality the paid agents of Pakistani spy agency ISI and they can’t speak truth.
It is agenda of ISI to get innocent Kashmiri killed and their dead bodies piled up to make a propaganda spree around the world. Anybody with live conscience or anybody with even a small knowledge of military activities will have no hesitation in saying that the purpose of a 30 year-long use of violence had no purpose for Kashmir’s other than that of turning Kashmir into a vast graveyard?
Violence was, violence is and violence will remain worst enemy of Kashmiris and it would lead to no place except total disaster. Proxies of ISI in Kashmir are still exploiting young boys to pick up arms so that Pakistan’s game-plan continues. It is high time Kashmir youth realise the dirty game-plan of Pakistan and come out of this web.