China asks India not to comment on its construction activities in Doklam


Beijing: Coming out in defence of its construction activities in the Doklam area, China on Friday asked India to not comment on its legitimate infrastructure development on its sovereign territory.

“China’s position on the Donglong (Doklam) area is quite clear. Donglong always belonged to China and always under China’s effective jurisdiction. There is no dispute in this regard,” he said asserting Chinese sovereignty over the area which is also claimed by Bhutan.”It is legitimate and justified. Just as China will not make comments on India’s construction of infrastructure on India’s territory. We hope other countries will not make comments on China’s construction of infrastructure in its own territory,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lu Kang said. The China’s recation came amid reports that a massive military complex is being built by Beijing close to the site of the Doklam standoff with India. Meanwhile, several reports claimed that China may be preparing for another standoff with India.

However, Kang said that China is building infrastructure for its troops and the people living in the area. “In order to patrol the border and improve the production and lives of border troops and residents, China has constructed infrastructure including roads in the Donglong (Doklam) area,” Lu said.

He said China was exercising sovereignty in its own territory.Asked about concerns that China is preparing for a second standoff at Doklam area, he said Indian troops’ intervention to stop building a key road close the Chicken Neck Corridor of India, has put the bilateral ties to severe test.

Indian and Chinese troops had been locked in a stand-off for over two months last year in the Doklam area near Sikkim before “disengaging” on August 28.

In an apparent reference to Amy Chief General Bipin Rawat’s recent remarks that Doklam is a disputed territory between China and Bhutan, Lu said: “The Indian senior military officer has recognised that it was the Indian border troops who crossed the border”.