Contractors threatened raise black flags on the construction works


Srinagar, The valley-based contractors which are on boycott from last 10 days for pending of dues have threatened to intensify their protest and to raise black flags on the construction works.
The Central Contractors Coordination Committee (JKCCCC) on February 27 went for boycott of undergoing constructions works for what they said against pending of Rs 750 crore from the government.
Talking to media persons, at Islamabad after contractors Boycott Really JKCCCC General secretary Farooq Ahmed Dar said they would not budge until their pending dues are released.
Dar threatened to launch 24-hour hunger strike from Feb 10 if government continued to turn a blind eye towards the problem and fail to clear the bills.
“The hunger strike call has been given to press for release of pending bills worth Rs 750 crore,” Dar added.
While flaying the state government from backtracking from its promises, Dar said that they will hoist black flags on all developmental works but he hastened to add “it is not the last thing we can do to mark our protest.”
He said that they are not against on line system of Govt. Treasuries, but the present Situation in Kashmir is not favorable for on line system.
“We don’t believe in boycott politics, but we have no other option left. We are registering our protest to make our voice sound to officials,” General Secretary JKCCCC, Farooq Ahmad Dar said, added that they will not end boycott till Chief Minister or govt,will not give written assurance. Castigating government Dar said that it is doing nothing to solve the problems faced by the contractor community.
“We are on boycott of construction works and tenders, but government still has not woke up,” Dar said.
The contractors said that they do not want sympathy from the government through words, but it should act practically