Corruption in state and especially J&k Secretariat beyond my imagination: Governor


Srinagar,The Governor of Jammu and Kashmir, SatyaPal Malik has openly spoken on the key issues of militancy in the state.

Governor SatyaPal Malik while addressing a rally in Akhnoor has said that the he is simply astonished by the level of corruption in the state. “Corruption is the biggest problem in the state. People told me that I could earn crores in the state. But I came to this state with just four pair of clothes,” he said.
Adding on, he said that he has vowed to end Corruption in the state. “I know that I won’t be able completely end corruption in the state. But I promise you that I will stop it as much I can in the few months that I have,” he added./
The Governor also addressed the corruption in the J&K Secretariat. He said, “People in Secretariat have been looting people since years. These officials have political support so they have been sitting on their respective chairs from 15- 20 years and there is no one to ask them.
“Everymonth I give jobs to around 6-7 kids, whose parents have suffered because of terrorism. But you won’t believe it, but there file goes from table to table and takes an year to get signed. The concerned signing officers take atleast Rs 1O lakh per approval,” sad the vexed Governor.
The governor finally said that if such situation like this continues, he would request Modiji to depute 5-6 honest officers like him in the state. “We will then take care,” he added.