Country fighting a decisive battle against Modi government: Dr Farooq


Srinagar,Jammu and Kashmir National Conference President Dr Farooq Abdullah on Sunday asserted that the ensuing Parliament elections are very significant since this time the country is fighting a decisive battle against an inhuman Modi led government.Addressing separate election campaign rallies at Bota Kadal and Rajbagh localities of Zadibal and Amira Kadal constituencies in Srinagar, Party president said that the forthcoming elections are very crucial as it will be a straight fight between the people of India and the Modi government. “It is the people of India be it the farmers, the unemployed youth or artisans or the minorities, everyone has been at the receiving end due to the imprudent and ill-conceived policies of Modi Government. Every vital sector of the nation is in shambles. People across the country are beseeching for respite from this BJP government. Whatever PM Modi had promised to people during his 2014 election campaign, turned out to be a damp squib, even now when his government is nearing an end, he has nothing to say on the achievements of his government.”

“The country is reeling under highest ever petrol prices, farmers are distressed in most parts of the country. The claims of Modi on providing jobs turned out to be a mere slogan, which was realized since he took the reins of power at Center. The prices of commodities are soaring. Perhaps the biggest ever failure of this government is its sheer failure to control the prices of petroleum products including cooking gas,” he said.

Dr Farooq said that the development scenario in the state also presents a grimy tale of neglect. “Our state has been at the receiving end all long since Modi came to power. No effort was made to bring Kashmir on the Railway map of India, the railway stretch connecting Kashmir with the rest of country was supposed to be completed by 2014; unfortunately, the deadline has been extended to 2022. Not just that the national highway connecting J&K with the rest of country was worked upon. The work on 30 mile stretch of Banihal and Ramban is still impending completion. On the other side, we see China making fast strides towards connecting its countryside with effective road and rail connectivity.”

Party president said the idea of India is facing threat from the communal forces who were responsible for assassinating Mahatma Gandhi. “The very constitutional rights were infringed upon since BJP took the reins of power. We were told what to eat and what not to eat. Minorities throughout the country suffered immensely at the hands of cow vigilantes, hundreds of poor cattle traders were attacked upon and intimidated. A message was sent that India belongs to the adherents of a particular faith. Today opportunity is tapping our door; these parliamentary elections afford us an opportunity to clean the state and the country from the communal yolk. We should avail this opportunity and give BJP and its cronies a befitting reply for all the wrongs it committed and for lying to the nation,” he said.

“Situation is no different in our state; the city of Srinagar has suffered immensely at the hands of former BJP-PDP coalition. The roads, arterial are presenting a grimy tale of neglect; the past four years have seen no development in the tourism sector. The employment is at its highest. The artisans have been left to fend for themselves. The essential services are not being monitored properly. People are hankering for basic amenities, running a house has become rather harsh. Who is to be blamed for this? It is the BJP-PC-PDP combine which plunged the state into chaos, now they are parroting that they will save the special status of our state. How can they do it now? It is they who destroyed the fiscal autonomy of our state by implementing GST; they are the ones who implemented NFSA (food act). Why should we believe them? Didn’t they canvass in 2014 to keep BJP out? But they did we have seen it all, they forged an alliance with the same BJP and plunged the State into chaos,” he said.

“When a constitutional head of the state openly asked for a boycott of our economy, Modi kept mum. He didn’t utter a single word leave alone condemning it. Is this how they want to treat J&K? I want to remind them that its Almighty which will provide us sustenance and Insha Allah He will not fail us,” Dr Farooq said.

Party president asked the people to maintain sectarian unity and not allow the communal forces to divide them. “It is our unity that frightens them; we should keep up with the tradition of brotherhood and tolerance. Our enemy is the same; we should maintain unity and fasten together our hands to give a befitting reply to BJP and its cronies as are bent to destroy our special,” he said.

Party president while flaying PDP for surrendering fiscal autonomy of the state to centre, said, “In 1996 when I took over as the Chief Minister of the state, lots of sales tax amount was overdue to people. But the situation was such that the people were not in a condition to pay back their over dues. Sensing the appalling financial condition of the people, I waived of some amount and doled out well thought-out policy wherein people were told to pay back the sales tax overdue in the twenty years time. But now we cannot imagine of easing the burden off people shoulders; all thanks to PDP government who took no time to implement GST in our state. Now if the state government wants to do something on those lines, it has to get permission from the centre. This is what PDP has done. Whatever was left of our autonomy, they shamelessly surrendered it before the centre for the sake of chair and power.”

“Such were Mufti’s enamoured by the lust of power, that they gulped down the insult inflicted by PM Modi on Mufti Syed Publically while addressing a public meet in Srinagar. Had I been there I would have bid goodbye to the coalition and Modi on that spot. But that requires moral strength, which time has shown is lacking in PDP.”

In a frontal attack on Modi, Dr Farooq said, “The incumbent Modi government has failed on all fronts. However, they saw a way out by masquerading behind the Pulwama Attack. The NIA summons to Mirwaiz and intimidation of various socio-political organizations is also being carried out with an eye on polls and to hide the farmer distress, price rise. Not to deliver on the promises which he made, he aggravated the situation to an extent which will take years to restore. Every single vital sector of our country is presenting a grimy tale of miss-government,” he said.

“Our vote will make difference both at centre and at the state level. The people should avail of this opportunity and send the candidates of NC to Parliament. In these difficult times we should repose our trust in God, he will salvage us from the tumultuous times we are going through,” he said.

Among others party, general secretary Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, party chief spokesperson Aga Syed Ruhullah Mehdi, Aga Syed Mehmood, political advisor to Vice President Tanvir Sadiq also addressed the gathering at Bot kadal. Political advisor to party president Mushtaq Guroo was also present on the occasion.

Party vice president Omar Abdullah, party leaders including Haji Ali Muhammad Sagar, Nasir Aslam Wani, Mubarak Gul, Shamema Firdous, Shammi Oberoi, Salman Ali Sagar, Mushataq Guroo, Imran Nabi Dar, Sabiya Qadri, Mudasir Shahmiri were present at Raj Bagh, Srinagar.