Deputation calls on Geelani; insist parents to ‘restrict daughters from attending NCC camps’


Srinagar, A deputation called joint resistance leadership leader, Syed Ali Geelani and briefed him about the latest developments and consequent result arising out of some serious situations.

As per a joint resistance camp statement, during their interaction with incarcerated leader, deputation quoting reliable sources said that authorities in state education department are sending girl students to various forces camps in different states for NCC training.

Syed Ali Geelani while expressing his deep concern said that it is a very sensitive issue and a matter of concern for all. Blaming authorities, Geelani said it is very shocking and authorities and staff involved are hell-bent to tarnish dignity, sanctity & moral values in state.

Geelani said that the parents and as well as the staff of these institutions are responsible for this and they need to take care of this grave situation. Geelani in his appeal to teaching and non-teaching staff of these institutions urged to stop this practice and asked to desist from   handing over girl students to forces.

“Parents should take care of their children”, said Geelani. It is their prime duty to safeguard their honor, added Geelani.  He insisted upon parents to abide to their obligation and asked to understand their duties, save self-worth and keep a close vigil over the situations.

While referring to forces, statement said that “these occupying forces are involved in brutal massacre and rape incidents.” It is our religious obligation to safeguard sanctity and avoid handing over our daughters to forces for NCC training, he added. All these activities are against the keen sense of honor, said Geelani.

Quoting sensible sources and honorable members of society, Syed Ali Geelani said few heads of these colleges are readily cooperating with forces and they should forthwith stop this practice. He insisted parents to remain vigilant and asked to restrict daughters from attending these camps.