DH Baramulla makes huge gaffe, asks B+ recipient to arrange O+ blood


Suhail Khan

Srinagar, May 22: It took the medical staff at Baramulla District Hospital almost three days to rectify its mistake after making the attendants’ of a patient to run from pillar to post for the want of O-positive blood for a B-positive recipient.

-Representational Pic.
-Representational Pic.

“A female patient Maala Begum (53) was admitted to the hospital on 18th of May for an immediate need of blood transmission”, one of the attendant who is the close relative of the patient told Kashmir Glory.

After taking the blood sample of the patient, the Lab technician Abdul Aziz asked the family of the patient to arrange two points of O-positive blood, the attendant said.

The report was subsequently forwarded to blood bank which was running short of the said blood group, after which as per source the family pressed for other available options and successfully roped in some blood donors for the blood group as prescribed by the technician, he said.

However to the utter astonishment of the doctors, when the patient was about to be administered with the blood it came to fore that the actual blood group of the patient has been B-positive, he said.

“When the blood was to be cross-mated, we were taken by awe as it had been a different blood group from what the patient actually needed, a physician wishing anonymity said while adding that had we been asked to administer the required blood, we would have done the process on the first day itself with the blood being already available in the blood bank.”

Meanwhile, fearing a backlash the lab technician has reportedly destroyed the medical report prepared by him, he added.