‘Donald Trump won’t tolerate China, Pak’s double standards towards India’


US President-elect Donald Trump won’t tolerate double standard towards India by its immediate neighbours Pakistan and China. A top member of Trump’s transition team said that the incoming president was not going to tolerate dual role from India’s neighbours.

Shalabh Kumar, an Indian-origin member of Donald Trump’s advisory council who is considered close to the incoming president, said that Trump has made it clear his policy of not tolerating any dual role from New Delhi’s neighbours.

Republican Hindu Coalition (RHC) India Ambassador and Trump supporter Manasvi Mamgai said that Trump is going to be the best US President for India. “I think he is going to be the best president of US for India so far,” she Manasvi said.

“He has shown the support for us. In New Jersey event, he came back on the stage and said I love Hindu I love India, he is very vocal about it,” Manasvi told ANI.


Recently, Islamabad claimed that Trump called Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and showered praise on the leader.

While Sharif’s office released a read-out of his conversation with Trump, the US president-elect’s team issued bare minimum information.

Also, Trump’s lavish praise for Sharif and his offer to play a role in addressing Pakistan’s problems found no mention in the readout of the conversation between the two leaders issued by Trump’s transition team.

“President-elect Trump and the Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif spoke today and had a productive conversation about how the United States and Pakistan will have a strong working relationship in the future,” the transition team said.


Meanwhile, Trump has junked nuclear threat from North Korea leader Kim Jung-un.

Responding to Jung-un’s New Year speech, in which he announced that Pyongyang is finalising preparations to launch another intercontinental ballistic missile, Trump said, “North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the United States. It won’t happen!”

Trump also hit out at China for benefiting from trade with the US while not helping to rein in Pyongyang.

“China has been taking out massive amounts of money & wealth from the US in totally one-sided trade, but won’t help with North Korea. Nice!” he said in a series of tweets.