Dr. Farooq, Omar Abdullah greet people on Urs of Hazrat Mian Nizam Ud Din Kiyanwi Naqshbandi (RA)


Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir National Conference party President Dr Farooq Abdullah and vice presidentr Omar Abdullah on Friday greeted people on 127 Urs of Hazrat Nizam Ud Din Kiyanwi Naqshbandi (RA) being celebrated at Baba Nagri Kangan.

Party president in his message said, “The valley of Kashmir has always been a cradle of sufis and sages.  The tombs of Sufis and saints draw devotees from all faiths. Kashmir has historically been a protected place of stay and meditation for the saints, sufis, rishis and other devoted worshipers of god. These sufis taught people the Islamic virtues of justice, sincerty, equality, truth morality and sprituality. Hazrat Nizam Ud Din Kiyanwi (RA) too belonged to the creed of Sufi sainsts who have enriched, elevated and refined life and helped the people at large in distress. The way Mian Bashir Ud Din Sahib has served the shrine and the devotees for years are commendable, I am sure that Mian Altaf Sahib will follow the foot steps of his illustrious father in serving the people.”

Party vice president Omar Abdullah while greeting the people said, “The valley of Kashmir has traditionally been the abode of sufi mystics and sages. These sufis played a crucial role in shaping the public life of our state. The contribution of such pious men and great Sufi Sainsts as Hazrat Mian Nizam Ud Kiyanwi (RA) in shapping the religious and cultural way of life of the people of state is immense. On this auspicious eve of Annual Urs observance of the revered saint, I extend my warm greetings to the people. I hope that the day increases the propects of peace and prosperity in the state.” (KNS)