Ease of doing business: J&K is 9 notches up to No 22 in India


Srinagar, With massive interventions in the labour department aimed at doing away with archaic systems in place, J&K government has moved swiftly up the ladder in ‘ease of doing business’ ranking in India. Lagging at position 31, in April 2017, it has already reached to No 22.

Of the 372 recommendations that central government’s Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) had made to the state, the bulk of – 117 – were pertaining to the Labour Department. It has tackled 106, so far and the balance 11 observations are being taken care of in the approaching quarter, sources in the Labour Department said.

Ease of Doing System is a World Bank mechanism that has been rolled over to the member countries. Aimed at helping create a better environment for investment and expansion, in India, it is Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) partnering with it.

DIPP has been creating a state raking every year on basis of 340-point Business Reform Action Plan (BRAP) for States/UTs. The BRAP envisaged bench-marking reforms on 58 regulatory processes, policies, practices or procedures spread across 10 reform areas spanning the lifecycle of a typical business.