Employees leader sees conspiracy behind events at NIT Srinagar


khanHails police for acting in mature manner despite provocations

Srinagar, April 6 (GNS): Employees leader Aijaz Khan on Wednesday alleged conspiracy behind the events at NIT Srinagar.

“As the things unravel, it is amply clear that there is a huge conspiracy in whatever is happening in NIT Srinagar”, Employees Joint Action Committee Kashmir (EJAC-K) and CAPD president Aijaz Khan told news agency GNS.

Khan said that small law and order issues are blown out of proportion by national media giving its different tune. “While this is a very small issue, the interest shown by Indian home ministry and other officials is highly exaggerated as compared to the incidents occurred in other states particularly involving  Kashmiris.

It shows one can clearly see that whatever is happening in NIT is not in isolation but there seems to be larger conspiracy at work. It is astonishing that Indian home minister is showing so much interest, while such incidents in other states barely attracts such response by him.

Khan urged state government and local police to deal with the matter with outmost care and ensure defeat of “divisive forces”.

People of Kashmir are known for hospitality and Kashmiri students are no different, he said. History remains testimony to the fact that the Kashmiri students have always received and treated there non-state subject counterparts with high respect but some   elements are at work to create a wedge in order to draw unwarranted mileage out of it, khan said.

Khan said that Kashmiri police has shown maturity in dealing with the situation despite provocations by non-local students.

“While police in outside states arrest Kashmiris at once whenever minor incidents take place, the Kashmiri cops have not acted in such manner despite being assaulted by the non-local students”, Khan said.

The cops simply chased away these non-local NIT students who seem to be working on directions of divisive elements and seem to be hell-bent in giving different twist to very small incidents, Khan said.

On Friday last, the non-local students beat up local students over India’s defeat in the semi-final match in the World T20 tournament. (GNS)