Er. Rasheed appeals main stream parties and JRL to take a stand on 850 MW Ratle Power Project


Srinagar, Appealing main stream and pro-resistance parties to take a stand on allowing NHPC to become 51% owner in 850 MW Ratle Power Project, AIP President Er. Rasheed has said that the agreement is unfortunate and exchanging silently the MOU between officials of state power Development department and NHPC in presence of Prime Minister speaks volumes about the guilty conscience New Delhi is feeling over the issue. After being released from Sub-Jail Kothi Bagh Er. Rasheed addressed an overcrowded press conference In Press Club Srinagar today and narrated how he was dragged and manhandled by police from his bedroom. Er. Rasheed said “I have nothing against the local cops but the way they have been executing every pity shameful order to please their bosses is unfortunate. Unless local cops don’t respond to the call of their conscience, the wedge between masses and the local cops will increase. It is high time for local Jawans and officers to tell their officers that they cannot humiliate, attack and target their own people beyond a certain point. The shameful conduct of police has yet again proved that nothing lies in hands of civil administration and from Tehsildars to commissioners bureaucrats have become helpless before men in uniform”. Er. Rasheed appealed NC, PDP, Civil Society and joint resistance leadership to move beyond words and tell New Delhi louder and clear that continuous looting of resources of Kashmiris is not acceptable”. He said “While NHPC has already failed to abide by its previous agreements made with J&K government from time to time, one fails to understand why is being one more dream power project gifted to NHPC. Accusing NHPC of acting like East India Company, Er. Raseed said that what happened to the previous MOUs, ensuring return of Power projects including Uri-I, Uri-II, Salal, Dool Hasti, Kishan Ganaga, Seva-II, Nimoo, Bazgo, Chuttak having a total output of around 2400 MW to state government. The MOU signed in July 2000 has been thrown to dustbin and not only the working groups but the Ranga Rajan committee had also recommended return of power projects to state government, in order to make state financially resourceful and sound”. Er. Rasheed added that there are credible inputs that after Ratle Kirthai-1, Kirthai-2 and Sawlakote power projects having a capacity of 3200 MW will be gifted to NHPC and people of state will get nothing out of the deed. Er. Rasheed said “Let people of Jammu also understand that return of existing power projects and gifting of New ones is not issue of just one region but that of the entire state and if New Delhi respects the sentiments of people of state and the agreements made with them from time to time these power projects will bring huge job opportunities and avenues to the state. Er. Rasheed accused New Delhi of looting resources of J&K and reminded Prime Minister Narindra Modi of his threat given to Pakistani government of cancellation of Indus Water Treaty. He said “While New Delhi has sold water resources of J&K to Pakistan at the cost of rights and interests of people of J&K, it threatens Pakistan to cancel the deal when its own interests are in danger. It is high time that New Delhi should compensate the losses suffered by J&K on account of Indus Water Treaty”. Er. Rasheed while appealing PM Narindra Modi to be realistic said “While Modi Ji claims to break backbone of militancy in Kashmir he needs to be reminded that militancy is creation of India’s denial to fulfil commitments made with people of J&K at United Nations. Once India shows willingness to resolve Kashmir dispute with sincerity Kashmiris will respond and New Delhi will not need to issue threats to people of J&K, as they need a peace more than anybody else but with honor and dignity which can be achieved only by resolving seventy year long political dispute on basis of justice and in its historic perspective……