Ex militant goes missing in Kupwara, family, Police seeks help


Kupwara, An Ex militant has gone missing from laderwan village in northern kahsmirs kupwara district since Thursday afternoon leaving no clue back home about his whereabouts. Relatives identified the missing person as Ab Rashid Mir S/o Ab Samad mir R/o Awoora Kupwara. As Per relatives the missing person was an Ex militant and was presently running a shop at his native village awoora. They told (KNO) that, Rashid left from his home (Awoora) towards laderwan before noon after reaching there he asked his in-laws that he’ll visit his sister in law leaving his mobile phone back at in-laws home, since then he hasn’t returned back neither home nor in-laws. According the relatives of missing person, they have tried to get his whereabouts from all the places he used to put in usually. Rashid was a hard-core militant back in nineties (90’s) and after surrendering he started working as a shopkeeper since then, He was also constituency head of Awami Ithadi Party led by Er Rashid, Relatives of the missing person said. The incident has left locals mum, as they claim that Rashid was never indulged in any anti activity since he surrendered ,was part of mainstream politics and a better end of AIP party. Kupwara Police has also issued an advisory regarding the missing person seeking help from general public to trace whereabouts of the absconding person.