Female cops facing sexual harassment


by Shakeel Anjum
ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad Police has been rocked by an unprecedented sex scandal that has sent shock waves all over the country. The women officials of the Islamabad Police have made allegations of harassment and sexual exploitation against some of their male colleagues as senior as DSPs and inspectors.

The more worrying aspect is that while they submitted the complaint on March 27, 2018 the issue was seemingly brushed under the carpet for at least three weeks, and no tangible action was taken by the top bosses. Frustrated by the lack of action from the top bosses, the female cops ‘leaked’ the issue to the media and the top judiciary. They addressed the complaint to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan, the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court, Minister for Interior, the Chief Commissioner of Islamabad and the Inspector-General of Police, Islamabad.

According to the complaints, the female officials would be directed to appear before the ‘competent authority’ (usually ASP or SP) to clarify their position over ‘indiscipline or negligence in duties’. Once cornered, the female officials only had the Hobson’s choice , but the competent authority offered to hush up the issue if they agreed to spend some time in a separate room. The complainants pointed out to ‘special rooms’ within the ‘Police Lines,’ meant for this purpose. Most of the time, the male cops succeed in exploiting them.

The top brass of Islamabad Police was stunned after the scandal caught the eye of the media. They hardly had any answers and decided to keep mum. The lone respite the Islamabad Police bosses came up with was that none of the victims came forth to lodge a formal complaint or a ‘First Information Report’ in the case as yet.

Dr Sultan Azam Temuri, Inspector-General of Islamabad Police, had a meeting with other senior officials and investigations were started quietly and The News learnt that it was found out that there was substance in the allegations. The Police managed to dug out at least seven credible cases. But they were confronted with a serious problem as the victims were reluctant to come forth and be part of the investigation process.”

“We cannot deny if such an ugly thing has not happened in the ranks of Islamabad Police. There are such elements in every sphere of life and the Islamabad Police, unfortunately, seemed not to be an exception. But to say the least, it is absolutely unacceptable and intolerable,” said Sultan Azam Temuri while talking to this scribe.

“The investigations into the allegations have already started and we are making substantial headway. But these investigation are very challenging. One can launch investigations into other crimes but in this particular case the victims have provided no evidence or proof and are reluctant to be part of the investigations, the situation is difficult for the investigators as they first have to collect the pieces of this puzzle and then put those together to solve it, said Temuri.

“But we are still making our way up,” the Islamabad IGP said. “I promise one thing loud and clear that the strictest possible action, including dismissal from service and a term in jail for the offence, will be taken against the guilty. They would be dealt with as severely as allowed under the law no matter if one is a ‘Foot Constable’ or the ‘IGP’,” Temuri promised.

On the other hand, the female cops seem to be confused and indecisive. The complainants do not seem too eager to press the charges, because in that case they would have to come out in public and face the wrath of the society. It was reliably learnt that the victims, have not yet forwarded the evidence of the exploitation to the chief justice or any other judge of the Supreme Court or those of the Islamabad High Court.

Meanwhile, the women rights activists also have their say in the matter. They believe some extraordinary steps are needed to handle this issue because the victims deserve to be protected and investigations should be done in a manner that their self-respect and honour is not soiled.courtesy The news.