Former Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif faces inquiry for allegedly laundering billions to India


The heat on Nawaz Sharif refuses to subside with the country’s main anti-corruption wing on Tuesday reportedly ordering an inquiry against him for allegedly laundering billions of dollars to India.

Pakistan’s Geo News -quoting a statement released by The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) – has reported that an inquiry has been ordered against the former PM of the country for $4.9 billion across the border. It has also been alleged that the illegal transfer of the money was done when Sharif was heading the government in Islamabad.

Sharif has been facing corruption charges in the country and had to resign as PM of Pakistan when his name and names of his family members appeared in the Panama case. There are three charges of corruption against him in the NAB court already.
Last month, Pakistan’s Supreme Court barred Sharif from contesting elections and holding any public office for life. A five-member bench said that the ruling was in line with the fair practices in a democratic setup.

Sharif has also made several trips to London while investigations continue in Pakistan, leading many to suspect his intentions of permanently fleeing the country. On his part, Sharif maintains innocence and has said he has no plans of becoming an absconder.