Funkar remembers celebrated Kashmiri poet Agha Shahid Ali


Asif Iqbal/ Marila Lateef

Srinagar, May 20: Funkar International, a US-based nonprofit organization in collaboration with Goodfellas Café Friday organized a poetry recital event in remembrance of globally acclaimed Kashmiri poet- Late Agha Shahid Ali.

-File Photo
-File Photo

The event was hosted by Professor Iqbal Agha from University of Massachusetts Amherst, MA United States and moderated by noted journalist Gowhar Geelani.

Iqbal Ali on the eve briefed the audience about the life and career of Shahid Ali as a poet whose writings won him accolades across the world. Iqbal on the eve recited a host of selected poems of his brother, evoking strong reaction from the audience.

Rapper Roushan Illahi popular by the name McKash also made a brief presence at the event and recited two of Shahid’s poems- Farewell and A Country Without Post Office, giving an emotional tinge to the already charged atmosphere.

The Funkar International has been sponsoring many contemporary Kashmiri artists while it aims to preserve and regain the essence of traditional Kashmiri music. The NGO also provided the guests with CD’s of blended music performed by various artists from Kashmir.