Give me some time, will give you a peaceful J&K: Mehbooba


Give me some time, will give you a peaceful J&K: Mehbooba
KG News Desk
Jammu, June 3: Chief Minister, Ms Mehbooba Mufti Friday said she counts on the people’s support to make peace a reality in Jammu and Kashmir.
“Give me some time and support and I assure you that I will give you a peaceful, prosperous and promising Jammu and Kashmir,” the Chief Minister said while addressing an impressive gathering after inaugurating the grand Convention Centre here, the first of its kind in the region.
Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh, Minister of State for Tourism and Education, Ms Priya Sethi, Vice-Chairman SC Advisory Board, Mr B L Dogra, Legislators, Mr Sat Sharma, Dr Gagan Bhagat and Mrs Rani Bloeria were present on the occasion.
Ms Mehbooba said under the current circumstances when the State is facing multifarious challenges; it is only with the support of the people that the Government can make headway in consolidating the peace and rejuvenate the developmental activities. “We are committed to freeing the government from the menace of corruption, nepotism and inefficiency and making the institutions subservient to the people’s aspirations,” she asserted.
“We are working steadfastly to realize the vision of a peaceful and prosperous Jammu and Kashmir and the days and months to come, I promise you a new and prosperous future for the State where economic development and empowerment of youth, women and work force will be the priority,” she said and added that instead of thinking on regional and partisan lines, people in all the regions of J&K should think about the larger good of the whole state.
Ms Mehbooba said various forces within and outside the State are out to subvert the Government’s peace and reconciliation efforts and today’s tragic incident at Bijbehara, where three security forces personnel lost their lives in a militant attack, is a grim reminder of the reprehensible designs of such elements. “Hundreds of civilians, security forces personnel, policemen and militants have been killed during the past more than two decades of turmoil in the State. Have we achieved anything out of this senseless bloodshed except leaving behind a trail of tragedies,” she asked.
“This vicious cycle of death and destruction has to end, and sooner the better,” the Chief Minister said and added it is not, however, possible without the support of the people of the State as they are the worst sufferers of this heart-rending bloodletting.
Making it clear that only sustained peace in J&K can allow her government to resuscitate the financial health and economy of the state which has been caught in a cobweb of violence, Ms Mehbooba said the violence has not only adversely affected our economy but has also prevented the state from realising its full potential in key sectors like tourism.
The Chief Minister said while the Government has already made its position clear on the issue of Sainik Colony and settlement of Kashmiri Pandits, still these issues are being raised in a distorted manner to create trouble in the Valley with the sole purpose of disrupting the tourist season and the economic activity. “The people should be cautious of the designs of such elements who want to keep the pot boiling for their own vested interests,” she said.
Ms Mehbooba said she chose to follow in the footsteps of her father by aligning with BJP to respect the mandate of the people in Jammu region. “I chose to follow the footsteps of my father, who had chosen the toughest option of aligning with BJP, which alone guarantees a representative government that respects the wishes and aspirations of people in all the three regions of the state and could revive the peace and reconciliation process within the State and the region,” she said.