Govt has Failed to Provide Secure Environment For Kashmiri Youth : Sameer Bhat


Srinagar : Noted Political Activist and National Conference youth leader Sameer Bhat here on Monday said that government has failed to provide secure environment for Kashmiri youth. He said that Kashmiri’s are talented but the situation is not favourable and conducive and this government has failed to provide them a safe environment.

The youth of the state are being suffocated by the policies of the present government. The present Jammu and Kashmir government has failed in assuaging the aspirations of the people, especially the youth, and the past three years of misrule has pushed them backwards in every sphere, he said.

He said the youth can play a bigger role in making the government deliver, as development has come to grinding halt and administration is in a paralytic mode due to lack of political direction.

Youth are worst hit, as their avenues of jobs have been closed and whatsoever openings available are being filled either through backdoor or by indulging in favourtism”, he said, adding that this has blocked the future of unemployed educated.

He urged the youth to fight the divisive forces by strengthening the bonds of amity and brotherhood.