Grand Mufti fixes Rs 50 per person as Sadaqat- Ul- fitr


Srinagar,The grand Mufti, Nasir-ul lslam on Sunday fixed Rs.5O as Sadaqat-al­ fitr (charity) per person in the family.

Sadaqat-al fltr is a duty required of every Muslim and becomes obligatory to pay it before the beginning of Eid prayer and could be given from beginning of the holy month of Ramadan.

“The sadaqat -al-fitr which is obligatory for the Muslims should be paid before Eid-ul-fitr salaat,” Grand Mufti said in a statement issued to.

Notably,Sadaqat-al-fitr is Wajib upon such a person who owns assets, which equal the value of the Nisab.

The owner of Nisab in the ruling as regards Sadaqat-al-fitr is such a person who has 7 1/2 Tola gold (93 grammes 312 milligrammes) or 52 1/2 Tola silver (653 grammes 184milligrammes), or any other form of asset.

“Each person should give away in charity an amount equivalent to 1.760 Kilograms of wheat,” Grand mufti said…