Hafeez undergoes bowling action test in England


Experienced allrounder, Muhammad Hafeez has undergone a biomechanics bowling test in England and will know in two weeks time whether he can continue to bowl in international cricket or faces another ban. The 37-year-old Pakistan spinner was reported again for a suspect  bowling action during the recent one-day series with Sri Lanka in the UAE.

It is the third time in his international career that his bowling action has been reported to the ICC by match officials.

The former Pakistan captain, in fact, had only resumed bowling again last December after completing a 12-month ban and getting his action cleared in Brisbane.

The ICC had banned Hafeez for a year from bowling in July, 2015 and before that also in December, 2014.

“Hafeez has undergone his latest bowling test at the Loughborough University biomechanics lab under the supervision of experts. He will know the results of the test in two weeks time. Until that time he can’t bowl now,” a board official said.