Hit by teargas shell on Nov 2, elderly Ellahi Bagh man dies


Srinagar, An elderly man who was hit by a teargas shell on 90-feet road Soura on November 2 died at SK Institute of Medical Sciences Soura last night, hospital authorities said.

Ghulam Muhammad Khan, 75,  a former president of Secretariat Employees Union had gone out for a stroll outside his house when a teargas shell hit him on head in Ellahi Bagh near Government Housing Colony on 90-feet road Soura on November 2. He was on ventilator since and medicos treating him had said that the chances of his survival were bleak.

 “His 95 percent brain has been damaged by the shell. There are bleak chances of his survival. Currently, he is on ventilator and continues to be in critical state,” a senior medico attending him at SKIMS had earlier told KNS.

His family members said that there were no protests going on in the area when he was hit. “Everything was normal in the area, although there was clashes going on in Anchar area which is three kilometers away from our residence where my grandfather was hit,” said Wasim Ahmad.

“He along with his friends was sitting on the parapet of housing colony park adjacent to his house. All of a sudden, forces came out of gypsy and fired teargas shell which hit my grandfather on the back side of his head causing grievous injuries to his brain, “he said.