Huge rush to get rid of Rs 500, Rs 1,000 notes


Jammu, All towns in Jammu Kashmir including the winter capital, Jammu today woke up in panic as people reached in front on Bank branches early in morning to exchange and deposit the available demonetized currency notes of Rs. 500 and Rs. 1000. People formed long queues at State Bank Of India, Hari Market, PNB Gandhi Nagar, J&K Bank branches at Ambphalla, Residency Road, Gandhi Nagar area and most of the bank branches in Jammu.

Panic gripped entire town and Prime Ministers’ decision to ban the old currency notes was the topic of public debate. The paucity of hundred rupee notes in the market rendered the local markets customer-less in the absence of liquidity.

While people faced lot of inconvenience in exchanging the old currency notes however, the common response to PM’s announcement was upbeat and welcoming.

Initially, it was chaotic in the most of the bank branches but things subsided post lunch hours. The Bank employees have to put extra efforts to deal with this unprecedented situation while minor problems were faced by the people.

From Kolkata and Ranchi to Ahmedabad and Mumbai, long queues formed at ATMs and petrol pumps Tuesday night as people sought to withdraw Rs 100 notes and to get rid of their Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes after the Prime Minister announced they were being taken out of circulation.

At an ATM in Kolkata, Papiya Adhikary, a homemaker, said: “I have come because I don’t have anything else to shop with tomorrow.” In the Chandigarh crowd, Akshit Choudhary said, “I am getting married Thursday. Shopping for the wedding has been done but we will need to pay caterers.”