If the authorities have ‘broken the backbone’ of terrorists, how are they killing more of us everyday?


Naresh Khatri

Every other day we hear to the same old tune, that the “armed forces & government together have broken the backbone of terrorists & destroyed their network”. But within just a few days, this “broken” backbone strikes again & takes away precious lives of the beautiful, energetic & goal-oriented flowers of our homeland.

Gulshan-e-Iqbal Park Blast, attack on Lawyers in Quetta, attack on Police Training center in Quetta, and sectarian violence in Quetta & Karachi are among few of the many similar incidents that took place after our institutions claimed that National Action Plan has broken the backbone of terrorists. However these claims always prove to be just that: only claims. Meanwhile there is another attack on common citizens.

This time the terrorists with their broken backbones have attacked a shrine and taken the lives of more than 50 pilgrims within minutes and under the nose of the NAP. My heart cries when such tragedies happen again and again. My prayers go to the families of the victims. Notably, this is not the first time a shrine has been attacked in our homeland: the authorities have repeatedly failed to safeguard shrines, mosques, imam bargahs – almost all places of worship.

After a number of military operations, combing operations, deployment of paramilitary forces in urban & rural areas for more than a decade, the end result is still the same. I’m unable to understand that if the governing bodies & forces were successful in breaking the backbone of terrorism then how are the terrorists now successful in breaking the nation into groups?

The terrorists with their so-called broken backbone are continuously attacking the country, but not a single authority has taken the responsibility of their failure in safeguarding the lives of innocent citizens which is their prime responsibility. What shall I conclude when the leaders of banned groups meet the Interior Minister & hold general workers’ gathering in the capital city, and chant hateful slogans? I would ask the Interior Minister: in what capacity did he meet the leaders of banned groups?

I don’t know, maybe NAP broke the backbone of the terrorists & they might now coming on stretchers to attack common citizens. But I do know for sure that the authorities have failed to safeguard the lives of common citizens. Lack of ownership, sincerity & focus creates loopholes which lead to disaster. The incompetent authorities must go & handover responsibilities to competent persons so that the lives of innocent people can be saved.

Terrorism has divided the nation into groups, and the brainwashing of our youth is yet another challenge. To counter the brainwashing of our youth and the growing ideology of hate and terrorism, the state needs a transparent implementation of NAP and take strict actions against the real culprits. The state has already wasted decades in short-term fixes of terrorism and must stop expecting good from terrorists. We cannot afford more failures from authorities and the so-called crippled terrorists to come on stretchers to attack us again. Enough is enough, and we have already seen a lot of bloodshed.

I strongly condemn the Shah Noorani Shrine Blast, the continuous targeting of Shia Women, students & intellectuals and Sunni Muslims in Karachi and Quetta. I offer my deepest condolences to the families of the departed souls and pray for those injured in these attacks, and expect the authorities to take action against the real culprits of these hateful attacks. The writer is an Engineer by profession and blogger by passion. courtesy The Nation.