Imran won’t submit details of his offshore company to SC today


ISLAMABAD: PTI chief Imran Khan has decided not to submit details of his offshore company, the Niazi Services Supreme Court today (Thursday), it has been reliably learnt. 

The chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf who had earlier claimed that his offshore company was not made with the money made from kickbacks or gambling and thus he will declare every detail before the public has now decided not to submit financial details and annual accounts statements of NSL from 1983 to 2015. Credible sources in PTI revealed to this scribe that accountant of Imran Khan in UK has not even provided the accounts’ details of PTI chief’s offshore company to the legal team of PTI. A source confirmed to The News that the legal team has now advised PTI chief to not to submit the response in Supreme Court despite receiving a notice.

A PTI source told The News on condition of being not named that the party chief would submit to the supreme court all details of his company when time will come.   Senior Supreme Court advocate Tariq Asad told The News that a notice was issued to PTI chief Imran Khan on his petition. He said that his petition is not focusing any specific leak, individual, or group and has demanded comprehensive investigations of all offshore companies and as PTI chief has already admitted owning an offshore company so he must respond to his petition. He said that in the best interest of justice and transparency, the PTI chief should provide the details of his offshore company along with his response in the apex court.

However, the PTI chief is not submitting any details of his offshore company which remained involved in many transactions starting from 1983 until 2015. Some transactions were admitted by the PTI chief and some of his very close friends. However, despite repeated promises the PTI chief is hesitant to submit annual accounts statement and details of transactions carried out through bank accounts of the Niazi Servces Limited which was registered in Jersey, a notorious jurisdiction of offshore companies. Insiders told The News that PTI legal team will submit proposed Terms of References (ToRs) but will avoid commenting on offshore company of the PTI chief.