‘In KG Sector people pray for strength, prosperity of Indian Army’


M S Nazki

Poonch, May 23: For years altogether now, the Lord Devta shrine at frontier Krishna Ghati sector in Poonch district has been binding people of all religions in the common thread of brotherhood and peace.

Photo By: M S Nazki
Photo By: M S Nazki

The shrine of ‘Lord Devta’ is revered by people across the state as a popular legend attributed to it talks of an ancient civilization which was visited by the Pandavas during their 14 Year exile. Archaeological remains on top of the hill at the base of which the ‘Lord Devta’ temple is located, reinforce this belief.

Every year on Buddha Purnima, thousands of people flock to shrine to participate in a ‘Havan ceremony’ followed by prayers of various religions and communities aimed to invoke the blessings of ‘Lord Devta’ on the entire world.

A unique feature of these prayers is invocation of the deity to bestow strength, well-being and prosperity on the Indian Army, guarding the borders and its people. The festival is a perfect blend of religious harmony, secular faith and national duty, rarely seen elsewhere in the country.