In Message to Haters, Muslims in This Pulwama Village are Restoring 80-yr-old Temple to its Glory


Acchan, Pulwama: After more than three decades of silence, muzzein’s call from a mosque and chiming temple bells will again reverberate in a village in Pulwama. The temple and the mosque at Acchan — a village on Pulwama fringe — lie side by side but while the mosque remained busy with worshippers, the temple stood in desolation. But this is now set to change.In a strong rebuff to hate mongers, the Muslim community and a sole Kashmiri Pandit family have got together to restore the 80-year-old temple, which has not been used ever since the Hindus migrated from there due to militancy in 1990.Barely 12 kilometres from the blast site where 40 CRPF men were killed on February 14, the village is brimming with a fresh spirit to restart the temple that brings lot of memories to the elders.The temple in a six kanal compound is being refurbished and soon an idol would be placed at the sanctum sanctorum for worship and hymns would be chanted aloud.“We want to revive it to its previous glory when hundreds would pour into the village to listen to chanting of hymns,” said Bhushan Lal, who is supervising the works with local Muslim Auqaf Trust.