Indian national Uzma returns from ‘well of death’ Pakistan, breaks down while narrating her ordeal


New Delhi: Indian national Uzma Ahmad who was forced to marry a Pakistani man at gunpoint and subjected to extreme torture has revealed horrific details of the trauma she underwent during her forced stay in the Islamic Republic.

Uzma, who is in her early 20s, hails from New Delhi. She had travelled to Pakistan earlier this month after she fell in love with a Pakistani man Tahir Ali she had met in Malaysia.However, her happiness was short-lived as Tahir forced her into marrying him at gunpoint on May 3.

Recalling her ordeal, Uzma said, “It’s easy to go to Pakistan, but tough to return. Pakistan is a ‘Maut ka Kuan‘ (well of death).”

“I had gone to Pakistan on May 01 and had planned to return by May 12. But I never knew that situation would change after crossing Wagah border,” she said.

Uzma revealed that Tahir gave her sleeping pills and took her to a remote village named Guner – that was under Taliban control in the recent past.

Describing Guner, she said that it was a very scary place. “All men there have 2-3 wives and carry big guns,” she said.

The mother of a three-year-old said that she was subjected to extreme physical and mental torture while she was held captive by Tahir.

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“He (Tahir) threatened me that he will ensure that her daughter (who was in Delhi) would be killed if she Iidn’t  agree to sign the Nikahnama…fearing for the safety of my daughter I signed the papers,” she said.

Uzma said that there were many more women like her remain trapped in Guner.

“Muslims (in India), especially women, think that Pakistan is very good but even those who go there after arraigned marriages rue their fate and want to come back to India. The women there have no freedom at all,” she said.

“I am proud to be an Indian citizen, there’s no place like India in the world,” she added.

Thanking External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj and Deputy High Comissioner of India in Pakistan JP Singh, Uzma said, “I am an adopted child and I never knew my life had so much value.”