International Sikh Federation president Paramjeet Khalsa meets Shabir Shah

International Sikh Federation president Paramjeet Khalsa meets Shabir Shah
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Srinagar, June 13: The International Sikh Federation president Paramjeet Sigh Khalsa and his secretary Bikram Singh on Monday called on the incarcerated chairman of Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Shabir Ahmad Shah at party’s central office. The leaders held a detailed meeting.
Pertinently, a Sikh delegation from Punjab and Kashmir led by Paramjeet Singh Khalsa had come to Srinagar in connection with the 34th anniversary of Operation Blue Star in which Sikhs were massacred.
The delegation has assembled at a local Gurudwara and had invited Shabir Ahmad Shah to participate in the programme but due to his continuous house arrest, the pro-freedom leader couldn’t participate. As such, Paramjeet Singh Khalsa and Bikram Singh met Shabir Ahmad Shah at his office.
Shabir Ahmad Shah while welcoming the Sikh delegation said Kashmiri people have great respect and regard for the Sikh community as they foiled all the conspiracies of various agencies who wanted them to leave the Valley. “In best and worst times, Sikh brethren supported Kashmiri Muslims,” Shah said.
Hailing and saluting the farsightedness and valour of the Sikh community, Shah said Kashmiri nation is against the brutal and oppressive policies of India towards the Sikhs in Punjab. “We are against the injustices met out to Muslims, Sikhs and other weaker sections in India,” he said.
Commenting on the Operation Blue Star, Shah said Kashmiri people very well understand the pain and agony as they themselves have experienced the worst kind of India’s state terrorism which has claimed more than 5 lakh lives, has given rise to above 25000 widows, more than one lakh orphans, and above 10000 people have been subjected to enforced disappearances.
“Apart from sending our people to gallows, there are hundreds who continue to languish in jails since more than 20 years,” he said.
Shabir Ahmad Shah made it clear that Kashmiris’ struggle is not of any particular community, but “we fight for the right to self determination of all communities and regions of Jammu Kashmir”. He said only an oppressed understands the plight of oppressed.
Paramjeet Singh Khalsa on the occasion condemned the oppression on the people of Kashmir by the Indian State and supported Kashmiris’ right to self determination.
The Sikh leader also gifted a sword to Shabir Ahmad Shah which he accepted wholeheartedly.