ISM &H (Unani) emerging as parallel system of Medicines in J&K


Srinagar, May 26: Jammu and Kashmir Indian System of Medicine (ISM) Doctors Association has strongly expressed its anguish on the issue of maligning the ISM department with an incident of alleged molestation by a doctor in his private capacity reportedly in the house of his relatives.
The incident was reported in a news paper and Directorate General Office of ISM &H acted swiftly and placed the accused medical officer under immediate suspension.
Concerned police station at Sumnag Bandipora registered FIR and started action immediately and arrested the medical officer in question. The matter is being examined and thoroughly investigated in the court of law.
The law will take its own course and the facts will be revealed after the investigational procedures are completed. Up to this level every person is satisfied with the investigational Process.
Unfortunately after this incident some agencies are taking undue advantage of the situation and they are trying to malign the whole department of ISM and are levelling baseless allegations only to defame the department and just to undermine the pace of development with which this deptt is moving ahead and touching new heights of progress with every passing day.
This journey of development has become unbearable for some culprits who with their ulterior motives are hell-bent to defame the department and are creating obstacles in the developmental activities.
These culprits have gone so far in their animosity that they have tried to malign the state level Unani Hospital Shalteng Srinagar and tried to connect this prestigious institution with this infamous act of molestation just to keep away this holistic system of Medicine from the race of progress and achievements it has attained throughout these years under the dynamic leadership of its Director General Dr Abdul Kabir Dar.
The president of the Association Dr Syed Noor Mohammad Bukhari has strongly condemned the ill intentions of various agencies and has resolved to fight tooth and nail against these culprits so that their mischievous designs are exposed.
This association appeals to the government not to pay any heed to the mischievous activities of these culprits who create confusion in the minds of higher-ups by posting irrelevant and fabricated material through the media.
However this association is not against the freedom of speech and expression where everybody is at liberty to criticize any government department on merits for which healthy criticism is always welcome, but the persons who are involved in defaming an institution without any solid grounds are liable to be dealt with according to the law of land.