It would be hypocritical of me to criticise Trump’s ban on immigrants when Pakistan is doing the same to Afghan refugees


Wishal Raheel

Trump’s decision to stop the admission of refugees into the US has sparked a global outcry – with due reason. These refugees are perhaps some of the most vulnerable people on the planet. Disallowing them to seek refuge for a safe life is synonymous to mass murder. It is most certainly a decision that deserves criticism. While I condemn Trump’s decision, I can’t help but think of how it is very hypocritical of me to do so when a similar situation has been prevalent in my own country.

Afghani refugees, both undocumented and registered, were given a deadline to leave Pakistan in November, 2016. These people included not only the refugees that had initially migrated to Pakistan but their children who were born and raised in Pakistan. People who had never set foot in Afghanistan were forced to leave their homeland. I didn’t see an outcry then and that is what makes me a hypocrite.

What Trump is doing is preposterous. It is a violation of countless human rights. It is an action that lifts one’s faith in humanity. However, if we look closely at ourselves, are we any different from Trump? Trump is a man who is quite openly practicing discrimination on religious grounds. Aren’t we doing the same? Do we not discriminate on the basis of religion as well? Have we not excommunicated the Ahmadis? Have we not target killed the Shias? If we discriminate so openly, is it not hypocritical of us to speak up against Trump?

I am, in no way, suggesting that Trump is a man worthy of respect or support. I am, however, pointing out our inclination to speak up against injustices happening everywhere but in our own country. We disapprove of Trump’s decision yet we continue following his ideology when it comes to our own matters. We say we hate discrimination yet we discriminate on the basis of the minutest of things.

Trump’s decision has been spoken up against by everyone. I wonder when a similar situation will arise for Saudi Arabia, for I would love to see a nun allowed to practice her religion in the country. As of now, Saudi Arabia does not allow non-Muslim religious clergy to enter the country to conduct religious services.

The sad truth is that intolerance, be it in Saudi Arabia or the US, is primitive and should be spoken up against. Anyone indulging in the spread of intolerance should be spoken up against. Only then will we actually be able to attain peace. The Nation.