Karra rejects Jagmohan s demand for removal of Article -35-A


Srinagar, Strongly rejecting Jammu and Kashmir former Governor Jagmohan’s demand for removal of Article -35-A, senior Congress leader and former Minister Tariq Hameed Karra Tuesday said that a hostile situation was being created deliberately across the country against the special status of the Jammu and Kashmir and the latest seminar and documentary release was part of that nefarious design.

In a statement issued to KNS, Karra said that RSS and BJP were working overtime to create a wedge between the people of Jammu and Kashmir and rest of the country to gain political mileage and article 370 was being used as a tool to achieve that desire of the saffron brigade.

He added that a well thought out plan has been worked out by BJP and RSS to use the Kashmir Issue for garnering support in the upcoming Gujrat and other state assembly elections and people like Jagmohan were part of that game plan.

The former Jammu and Kashmir Minster according to the statement issued to KNS reminded Jagmohan of his ‘misrule’ and ‘misadventures’ he practiced as a part of his experiments with the people of the Jammu and Kashmir as governor of the state.

He reminded Jagmohan that he too was appointed as Governor by the Presidential order and said if Jagmohan was so concerned about the ‘legality’ of the Article 35-A and knew the ‘provisions introduced through the constitutional Order of 1954 were done unconstitutionally,’ why did not he made attempts to abrogate then. ?

Karra ridiculed Jagmohan’s assertions about the article and said the former governor was playing at the hands of RSS and BJP and said his remarks were an attempt to mislead the public opinion on the subject.

Senior Congress leader said the former Governor’s divisive Kashmir doctrine is still seen as a failure of his wit and ability to read the situation even after more than a decade of his controversial tenure as governor.

He added that a deliberate campaign has been launched to build a so called ‘Collective conscious’ and holding these seminars and debates is aimed for that.

Karra however, said that the country has witnessed such an experience at least once in the past making the executive and judiciary controversial and debatable.

He said BJP has purchased a section of media also to propagate its designs and create a situation of rhetoric and hostility in the country only to fulfill its designs.

Karra however, warned that BJP was walking on a double edged sword and it will be hurt either ways if it continued to tread on this dangerous path of hoodwinking and misleading people of India. Karra said the failure of the State Government led by PDP has made the things easier for BJP to fiddle with.

He however cautioned that people of the Jammu and Kashmir should not be taken for a ride anymore.

The congress leader warned that any misadventure could mark a new beginning of a revolt which would be extremely difficult for any government at Center and state to handle and deal with.

He also rejected the remarks that Kashmir issue was that of a few districts and said if that was the case why the Government of India and Jammu and Kashmir could not handle it for nearly a year in 2016.

The former MP said such remarks mislead the people of India and make it difficult for building a country wide consensus of reconciliation and political and peaceful settlement of the issue. (KNS)