Kashmir celebrates Mahashivratri


Srinagar, Kashmiri Pandits living across Kashmir celebrated Hehrath, the Shivratri festival on Tuesday. Unlike the rest of the mainland, the festival is strictly personal and rituals take place at home and Temples. Pandit families living ll over Kashmir received their relatives and friends who had come to congratulate them for the festival.

Temples wore a festive look as devotees made a beeline to participate in the special prayers. The festival holds an important place among Kashmiri Pandits who celebrate it to mark the wedding of Shiva and Parvati by cooking traditional Kashmiri food, especially fish. The occurrence of rain or snowfall on this day is considered to be a good omen.

The biggest gathering of the festival usually takes place at Shankaracharya Temple, Dal Lake. Hundreds of devotees also throng Khir Bhawani temple at Tullamulla in district Ganderbal. The temple authorities at Ganpatyar and Hanuman Mandir at Amira Kadal also hold special Poojas throughout the day followed by celebrations in the evening.