Kashmiri realize Pakistan is not our well wisher: Farooq Ganderbali


Srinagar, Reacting to observance of ‘Kashmir Solidarity Day’ in Pakistan, Renowned political and social activist  Farooq Ganderbali today criticized Pakistan for taking Kashmir issue on roads. Ganderbali has rejected all statements of the leaders of Pakistan and with regard Jammu and Kashmir on this so called Solidarity day. Pakistan is always highlighting Kashmir issue to hide its failure while dealing internal crisis. “It is high time for Pakistan to start paying attention to all the problems that afflict them rather than covet what is not their’s and never will be,” Ganderbali questions the rallies and speeches by various parties and groups including banned JuD on Kashmir Solidarity Day. There is no legitimate reason for Pakistan to disturb the peaceful atmosphere of Jammu and Kashmir and they them selves being occupants of POK can not raise fingers on others.

Pakistan’s self destructive and futile quest for territorial arrogance in Jammu and Kashmir is well known to every one.,” he added. “Kashmiris have full faith in Indian democracy ” he added.

Ganderbali advised Pakistan first to set its own house in order and then poke its nose into Jammu and Kashmir. “People of Kashmir have realized that Pakistan is not their well wisher and Pakistanis are not their friends,” he added, that J&K was and will always remain part on India.
Ganderbali said Pakistan “orchestrated bloodshed” in Jammu and Kashmir and fought “proxy war”, and used Kashmiri youth for making its plans work in JK and also spent huge money for social media to involve Kashmiri youth in militancy . “Pakistan has failed to keep the pot boiling due to the befitting reply given by the security forces and people of Kashmir foiling their sinister designs. After failing in all the errands, now Pakistan is trying to raise non-issues to ensure that peace and normalcy are not restored in Jammu and Kashmir,” he said. Before some months Pakistan’s accidental Prime Minister told independence is not a valid option for J&K because of CPEC in part of J&K , China is one of the anti Muslim countries in the world. Pakistan play money game in the land of J& K and observed Solidarity day to befool the people of Kashmir in the name of so called Jihad. Pakistan won’t allow the stabilisation process in Kashmir to persist because turbulence there reflects the success of its core strategy.