Kashmiris stand with Palestinians: Mirwaiz


Srinagar, Hurriyat (G) Conference chairman and the patron of Muttahida Majlis-e-Ulema Mirwaiz Umar Farooq on Tuesday strongly condemned Israel’s open aggression against Palestinian people which has resulted in the death of more than 58 Palestinians and hundreds seriously wounded stating that it is the worst form of “state terrorism” of which world cannot ignore.

The spokesman said Mirwaiz expressed his heartfelt condolences to the people of Palestine in Gaza and stated that people of Kashmir stand with the people of Palestine at this hour of grief and sorrow.

Mirwaiz said it was unfortunate that the world bodies who claim to be the champions of human rights have put a deaf ear to Israel’s fresh war crimes and that Muslim organizations of the world too have remained silent over the “brutal massacre” of people of Palestine. He said that the silence adopted the world forums and the Muslim organization’s people have pushed the morale of Israeli soldiers further up to kill more innocent Palestinian Muslims.

Mirwaiz said Palestine and Kashmir conflict share many similarities, but what is unfortunate is the silence of United Nations over the conflict resolution of both the issues. He said the hegemony of Israel gives them the immunity to do as they will and their armed forces have got the license to kill and massacre every day.

Mirwaiz made a fervent appeal to the world conscience to rise to the occasion and play their role in getting justice for the people of Kashmir and Palestine.

Meanwhile, the DeM chairperson Syed Asiya Andrabi said that why are Muslim countries silent over the killings in Palestine, while the US is busy in “butchering the Muslims all over the world”.

Lashing out at the Saudi rulers, the spokesperson questioned: “Isn’t the safety of the Palestinians a responsibility of the Arab rulers,”

She asked for how long the Muslims of Palestine and other countries will lay down their lives to safeguard their lands and foil the Israeli policies of making the holy cities of Islam.