#Kathua: Two BJP Minister’s Submit Resignation To Party President


SRINAGAR: BJP’s two cabinet ministers Lal Singh and CP Ganga have submitted their resignation to their party president, media reports said. The resignation, however, is yet to be forwarded to the Chief Minister.

The resignations were the outcome of sustained media pressure over the Asifa kidnapping, rape and murder case that has shocked the civil society across continents. Earlier the party had taken the position that the two ministers were misled by the people to join the pro-rape protesters.

The two ministers had gone to the Rasana village where they participated in the protest rallies organised in favour of the accused. They had threatened a serious consequences and publcluy talked about jungle Raj opf the Kashmir police. They had also provoked the locals in seeking an investigation by the CBI at ta time when the state police was investigating the case. Chief Minister did not succumb to the right-wing demands and went ahead with the Crime Branch investigations. Instead, she insisted the justice will be done.

Since the Crime Branch submitted its charge sheet, the political class and the civil society has been seeking their head.

Ganga is state’s industry minister and Lal Singh is the forest minister.